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Lya Clement Angers, Pas-de-calais FR December 06, 2017

Maintenance Minder and Recommended Maintenance40 liter 1GR-FE V6 4X4 TRD 6-Speed Manual Transmission 30K File

maintenance minder and recommended maintenance40 liter 1gr-fe v6 4x4 trd 6-speed manual transmission 30k file

Fisher Honda has a top-notch service center that services all makes and models. I am about to go into the dealer for my final 30K service. I've reviewed the 30K mile service in the manual, even with extreme conditions, it is not much: inspect this and that and replace the climate control. How many other items are on the checklist for 30K service that I could do myself?. Can you give me a checklist of the 30K mile servicing?. I am about to go into the dealer for my final 30K service. For those who are looking for a San Jose Honda.

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Our trained technicians are standing by today!. At 9 months I took it in for the 20,000 mile service. Just wondering if we can get a thread going on a collection of knowledge of Maintenance. Filter separate from the required 30K service.